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wuftpdum provides a graphical view to all open ftp-connections of the wuftpd, and allows you to kill them to "kick" the logged-in user. it also lets you specify rules. if a rule matches the selected host or user, it can popup a window, play a soundfile, or directly kill the matching connenction.
it is written in c++ using the Qt library.
it requires the standard-commands 'ps' and 'kill'.
screenshot wuftpdum-2.0.1-mainwindow (4.1KB)
screenshot wuftpdum-2.0.1-options (4.8KB)
screenshot wuftpdum-2.0.1-rules (5.6KB)
screenshot wuftpdum-2.0.1-addrule (4.6KB)
screenshot wuftpdum-2.0.1-popup (3.8KB)
download the source-tgz of version 2.0.1
please tell me what you do or don't like about this program.
you may also visit the projectpage at https://sourceforge.net/projects/wuftpdum/. there you can send bugreports, requests for features and requests for support for this program!